I talked to you recently about the artist Kobol Electronics part of the electro label from Roma. His track Code 01 figures in my 2009 Playlist.

I think this track is one of the most powerful electro tracks composed the last 10 years.
By the way i recently did a mix which will be posted soon and that ends with this track.
The Godspill/CBS team from Holland presents the Ep like this :
“Two of Italy’s most formidable electrosonic programmers, Composite Profuse & Kobol Electronic”
“The B side sees Kobol Electronics (Minimal Rome) deliver two sonic binary programs, Code01 & Code10 that will devastate both internetworks and dancefloors worldwide.”

So I wanted to know a bit more about Kobol and the Minimal Rome crew.
Andrea Merlini who’s behind Kobol Electronics is a true artist, sensitive and hyper generous. At the beginning we had a misunderstanding and i took his timidity for arrogance, finally he told me it was his first interview and that he was then a bit lost and distraught.
At the end we have a post i’m very proud about, it’s rich and with a high quality content, like Andrea’s work.

A) Kobol Electronics – Computer Pervaded Showcase

B) Interview
1) When did you start listening to electronic music?
I used to listen to electronic music since I was 13
2) What would be the 5 tracks that made you listen to
electronic music?

1) Kraftwerk – The Robots
2) Man Parrish – Six Little Synthesizers
3) Logic System – Unit
4) Rational Youth – Dancing On The Berlin Wall
5) Cybotron – Cosmic Cars

3) Is there a special electro scene in Rome?
The electro scene in Rome has developed from mid’ 90’s through FinalFrontier and labels like Plasmek and Nature Records, to be up to date with Minimalrome, which currently goes on in the same vein, also suggesting alternative electronic genres. Anyway actually there isn’t a real electro scene here due to the fact that there are many clubs more into the house and commercial music. We are probably out of date about it but we will still going on straight by this way.

4) Could you present us some artists of Minimal Rome?
Apart from me, other artists from MinimalRome are Feedback/TeslaSonic, C-34 and Composite Profuse/Heinrich Dressel. We are the 4 “runners” of the label. All of us are collaborating with some others labels and foreign producers like Legowelt, Rude 66, Micj Wills, The Hacker et James T Cotton.
I’m very happy and proud to took part of the 1st DataDisk release too.

5) Can you present us the last compilation of Minimal Rome
We were planning this project since so far. The idea is to choose many artists/tracks in a non conventional way to the usual electronic music production, but in a sort of soundtrack procedure.
And finally we’ve released this fourteen cuts of ambient/drones, italohorror and sci-fi sickness stuffed in a scented folder. “The perfect soundtrack of your favourite mind movie.”

6) Can you give us 3 electro tracks (not produced on your
label) which blew your mind recently?
The Hasbeens – I Fall To Piece
JTCKing Of The Box
Zerkalo – Stoi Storoni Zerkala pt.1 (Zerkalo les 15 & 16 mars 2010 à la Cité de la musique en 1ère partie de Christophe)
7) Beside electronic music, what would be the type of music
you could go listen in a concert?
I usually listen to come other kinds of music like Rock, Pop and New Wave.
8) Do you have something to add to the interview?
We are conscious of the fact that it’s easier to sell cheap products at relatively low tech, but that does not bother us, mainly because it is the passion that drives us.
Passion to choose the best gears to record, process, synthesize sounds, regardless of the complexity and cost of these proceedings. We do not want to be accomplices of a market that tends to even out the products. We are interested in spreading a culture of listening to good music electronically. This is our philosophy.C) Restaurants in Rome
I asked Andrea if he had some good tips for authentic food in Rome.1) Checchino
Via Di Monte Testaccio 30
Tel : (39) 065743816 – (39) 065746318
the website
The restaurant is located in the heart of Testaccio and it’s one of oldest restaurants of Rome. Opened in 1887, it still remains a point of reference for the Roman cuisine.
The local is very comfortable even if it’s composed of a single room, sober and elegant. You can enjoy the best “Amatriciana” in Rome. You can also try: “Coda to vaccinara”, “lamb to the oven” and “beans with pigskin.” Note that the house wine is excellent. Strongly recommended!2) Ristorante Le Ninfe
Via Giulio Antamoro 65
Tel : (39) 0687201331
Restaurant “The Nymphs” is a nice place and well cared for even if it is located on the outskirts of Rome. The cuisine is much sought after and far from the classic Roman cuisine. The chef is good in combining sweet and salty, bitter or delicate in the same pot. The restaurant is managed by one person who serves at the tables, for this reasonit’s better to go to the Nymphs when youhave a lot of free time. The service is slow, but the flavors of the food definately worth the visit. Good wines, good deserts, and try also the selection of cheese … really well-assorted and gustosissima. Enjoy.

3) I Buoni Amici
Via Aleardo Aleardi 4
Tel : (39) 0670491993

This site offers the typical atmosphere of the classic Roman trattoria with a daily menu. Among the dishes I recommend the “orecchiette with shrimps” and “the fried fish”. For the desert, you have to try the Tiramisu. Wile going out of the restaurant you are immediately in the central town, very close to the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano, interesting site for tourists.Provatelo!
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