13.08.23 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Super artiste électro de Chornobyl en Ukraine. Toute sa discographie est accessible via libre don sur bandcamp. lectromagnetique / pustota · B1 Lectromagnetique - Space Coast | Preview [GO008] 12"[...]

Dj7 (716lavie) as Dj Yomgi – House of Dub
03.08.23 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Je me suis intéressé au début des années 2000 à la scène house de San Francisco à la suite de 2 compilations, San Francisco Sound Spectrum Volume One (1995) achetée à feu Rough Trade Paris et Sun Fren[...]

716 Exclusive Mix- Dj7 (716lavie) : Expectations
02.02.23 - Guillaume - 716lavie

716lavie · Dj7 (716lavie) - Expectations [...]

716 Playlists – Italo Disco
16.09.22 - Guillaume - 716lavie


Dj7 (716lavie) – Au calme
15.05.22 - Guillaume - 716lavie

To be continued 716lavie · Dj7 (716lavie) - Au calme [...]

Dj7 (716lavie) – World Traveler Adventurer
09.03.22 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Nouveau mix de ma pomme en ligne avec entre autres du breakbeat anglais, hollandais et californien mais aussi acid, tech house, trance, techno et progressive house. Le titre du mix "World Traveler Adv[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Magic Tundra : Vocoder Sex
15.02.21 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Let's start with a copy of the message I first sent to dj KATMANDÜ : "First I was like « ah ok, some more italo », but then I was very surprised about how good your mix for Italo Moderni was for examp[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Majus Kalendorius : Live at Opium Club in Vilnius
11.12.20 - Guillaume - 716lavie

I have started to check Majus's soundcloud after I saw he liked the super cool 716 playlist by Cozsmic Töfü. His soundcloud feed was brilliant, full of interesting tracks I had never heard of and pert[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Bedroom Suck Records : Private Eyes (Australian Music In Isolation)
08.10.20 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Peu de temps avant le confinement du printemps 2020, j'ai découvert cette superbe compilation d'ambient australienne et néozélandaise de 1980 à 1995 : "Midday Moon". Je suis vraiment tombé amoureux de[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Mike Nylons : Noname Doomers
10.09.20 - Guillaume - 716lavie

I have discovered Janos Borsos aka Mike Nylons because I have received some news from his record label Farbwechsel about his last project : Eneme I. I liked it and wanted to offer him to do a podcast[...]

Interview Manu Dibango (2005)- Emission Radio La Tambouille
15.06.20 - Guillaume - 716lavie

J'avais dit que je la republierai, la voilà : j'avais réalisé cette interview de Manu Dibango en 2005 lorsque j'animais l'émission radio La Tambouille. 716lavie · Interview Manu Dibango (2005)- Emi[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Dj7 (716lavie) : Samedi Après-Midi
31.05.20 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Saturday afternoon 30th of may 2020, fucking hot in Paris and that's the progressive end of the containment's period. I wanted to play some new records that I had bought just before the Covid's wave, [...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Señor Chugger : Journey To The Land Of Pints
24.05.20 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Despite his name Señor Chugger is a young British producer : "I just liked Señor instead of Mister 😀". This is how he describes himself : "Forged in the darkness of a Welsh basement, Señor Chugger was[...]

716 Playlists – Dj7 (716lavie) : Sweet & Happy playlist for Creaminal
21.05.20 - Guillaume - 716lavie

I have made a playlist for my dear friend Clément from Creaminal, the Music Supervision Agency. He has published it through soundsgood, but there was a few tracks that were not available on the diffe[...]

716 Playlists – Placid One Playlist
23.04.20 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Placid One est un jeune producteur belge qui a de l'avenir. Ses productions sont stylisées et classieuses, entre electro et deep techno. Il a souvent recours aux nappes mais l'ensemble a ce je-ne-sais[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Tara Clerkin Trio : Music To Remain Indoors To
28.03.20 - Guillaume - 716lavie

The Tara Clerkin Trio is Bristol-based trio that includes guess who? - Tara Clerkin (vocals & clarinet), Sunny Joe Paradisos (drums) and Patrick Benjamin (synths). Tara Clerkin had already release[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Ric Piccolo : Wonderful Injection Mix
27.02.20 - Guillaume - 716lavie

The Argentinian dj Ric Piccolo is also half of the duo Furor Exótica alongside with Viky Oliver and a dedicated digger of rare 70’s & 80’s Argentinian gems through his mix series « PampasDiscoScho[...]

Dj7 (716lavie) – Neue Deutsche Welle
05.02.20 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Back from Heidelberg, I made this short mix with records I found there, mostly German New Wave called "Neue Deutsche Welle". [...]

PREMIERE : Magda Drozd – Finger Touching A Stone
05.12.19 - Guillaume - 716lavie

The title of Magda Drozd’s debut album, Songs for Plants released on Präsens Editionen, goes beyond the invocation of an unusual implied audience and indicates her desire to challenge conventional lis[...]

Dj7 (716lavie) – For my English friends
25.07.19 - Guillaume - 716lavie

This mix I called it "for my English friends", cause it's all about the music I only heard in the UK or that came out strictly from there (except one little French track). Dub digital, massive beats, [...]