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25.04.14 - Guillaume - 716lavie
Solution Bike
Embajador Vich, 11
+34 961 103 965 - +34 663 224 098
Open 365 days a year 9 am- 2 pm, and 5 pm- 8 pm
- Le résumé -

The tourism office in Valencia had reserved for me a guided  bike tour that was very much like the Vrai Paris ones ( authentic, mixing history and social, cultural day to day life)
This is where we got our bikes: the man was French, his wife Spanish.
The bikes were really good I thought, Dutch style but very comfortable and easy to use, with a basket at the front.
There’s probably other bike rentals in Valencia, but this is a good deal.
Valencia is a city that is bike-friendly because its historical center is often pedestrian.c116ec21169024b92f45ad52e1d98d91

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