716 Exclusive Mix – Perseus Traxx : Live from the Living Room Corner

04.03.13 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Perseus Traxx en live dans 716 Music, vous y croyez vous? Et bien voilà c’est là.
Comme D’Marc Cantu qui avait donné une session live à la maison à 716 Music, Nigel Rogers aka Perseus Traxx a fait de même.
C’est du brut de pomme! Le live se finit net car il n’y avait plus de bande tout simplement!
Magnifique, la techno brute, chaude, directe.

An exclusive live by Perseus Traxx in 716 Music, do you believe it? Here it is folks.
The same way that D’Marc Cantu had given a home live sesssion to 716 Music, Nigel Rogers aka Perseus Trax had done the same.
It’s pure live! The set ends suddenly cause he ran out of tape!
Beautiful, pure techno, hot, direct, sensual.

“As I write music with the synths and MPC I get used to the sequences then move on to make other tracks. These all pile up in the memory banks. There is no preperation for a live set, its just what I feel like playing from the tracks I’ve made in relatively recent time, jammed down differently with 707 fills and various tweaks. There is no preparing of a live set at the moment, which is why its very rare that I record something for people..
I record tracks the way I play them, using hardware live, various effects and a desk.
as such there are imperfections sometimes, but thats live. its never the same thing twice, and is always unlikely to be anything thats currently being released as I move on and write new tracks quickly, thats where the fun is.
The first track is Thunder God, but thats all I can remember…”
Perseus Traxx

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