716 Exclusive Mix – Clem Leek : Mixing

12.10.10 - Guillaume - 716lavie

I discovered Clem Leek on the web and immediately liked his very cinematographic atmospheres and minimal piano orchestration.
I asked him a playlist or a mix and he did something between both he called “Mixing”.

“I am 23, I have been learning music from a very young age, maybe 4 or 5.
I play Piano, Guitar, Violin and all sorts of other instruments on my records (and sing sometimes).
Several releases are available of my work from various labels, here is a good link : http://www.discogs.com/artist/Clem+Leek.
I also have a new album out called Holly Lane.
Hopefully i will be able to get to Paris at some point, but until then I have created this mix.
This mix is s short mix to welcome the change of season. I have picked tracks that symbolise for me the change between Summer and Autumn and reflect the mood and beauty of change. The selection includes some more recent track that I have been listening to and also some personal favourites. I hope you enjoy it.”

1) Nils Frahm – Über
2) Gareth Dickson – Two Trains
3) Peter Broderick – Human Eyeballs On Toast
4) Dakota Suite – Second Hand Light
5) Dustin O’Halloran – Opus 22
6) Max Richter – Lines On A Page (One Hundred Violins)
7) Tomasz Bednarczyk – The Sketch
8) Goldmund – Jones Beach Dunes
9) Clem Leek – Walter

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