Do Not Tape Over Podcast 37 – Sol Son ( Love Supreme / Chicago )

25.02.14 - Guillaume - 716lavie

This month we have Chicago’s own Solson . His DJ sets and involvement with Chicago’s nightlife has shown, he’s not about scenes or fads. He’s all about the music. His ability to connect the dots between various genres distinguishes him from the ever-increasing number of DJs who stick to one musical style and rely solely on popular trends. Even though Sol Son tends to favor some genres over others (e.g. house and disco), he resists being pigeonholed as a certain type of selector because his musical interests include everything from disco and house to soul, funk and jazz. This all-inclusive and knowledgeable approach to DJing is evident when you look at the various events he has helped organize. On one end of the spectrum are the Love Supreme parties, which have focused on fostering a celebratory and open-minded environment for selectors and dancers alike with help from Chicago’s Rahaan and Specter. On the other end are the Tetrode/Downbeat and Phuture Party’s which have provided an outlet for producers and listeners of the more experimental and cerebral facets of dance music. Regardless of the event however, these memorable occasions have brought together the best selectors from Chicago and beyond over the past year for good music, good vibes, and good people. Whether he’s behind the decks or behind the scenes, Solson’s mission is clear: let the music speak for itself, and the rest will fall into place.

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