El Kiosko – Valence (Espagne)

22.03.14 - Guillaume - 716lavie
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El Kiosko
C / Derechos 38
963 910 159
Open Monday-Saturday 7:30 am- 12 am
- Le résumé -

A deal just like I like them, Italian style:  1° Plato, 2° Plato, bread, drink, then dessert or coffee, all for 10 euros at an old beautiful square.


- La petite histoire -

It was recommended in the Cartoville, another proof of these guides’ pertinence.

- Lieu -

An old fashioned bar that doesn’t look like much, other than the fact that it’s also a pub, and it means serious business.IMG_0218There’s a dining room inside, but unless you’re weary of the sun, the patio is preferred, perfect.IMG_0220IMG_0222IMG_0223To let you know, there is also a good chocolate place right beside it.


- L'équipe -

It was the Saturday of the Fallas week, so our young waiter was having a hard time, as did everyone else, they were probably wishing/hoping their their vacation could start already.
That being said, he was holding it together, and even if you could tell how tired he was, and had his irritable moment, it was fine, it was a legitimate fatigue, and he stayed cool.

- Le repas -

Menu of the day, I ask the waiter if he has a preference, he answers “Empereur”. For the appetizer it was a Serrana salad because he liked it a lot as well, and they were selling well 🙂IMG_0221The person with me was from Valencia and chose a Valenciana salad, and totally approved.IMG_0224So here’s my Serrana salad, also perfect, very fresh, with this hot sun, it was nice.IMG_0226My “Empereur” looks good too, yes it is a simple steak, but cooked well, with its nice lemon. The fries aren’t frozen ones, and are also very good.IMG_0227With my appetite and the prices, I let myself get tempted by a dessert. Don’t ask me what it is exactly, I forgot. Nothing to say.IMG_0228

- Le bilan -

Un des meilleurs plans du séjour dans le genre bistrot authentique pas cher où se poser lors d’une journée d’exploration dans la ville.
One of the best deals during the stay in this kind of authentic inexpensive pub where you can sit down for a while and then continue to explore the city.

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