Genialistide Klubi – Tartu (Estonia) en

10.12.14 - Guillaume - 716lavie
Genialistide Klubi
Magasini 5 / Lai 37 Taga
51005 Tartu
53485530 - 56571545
- Le résumé -

The cool place in Tartu: a bar, a club and a cultural center all in one place. An essential spot to check out.


- Lieu -

There’s a nice garden and several rooms inside: a coffee shop with a CD corner, another room more for dancing.


I talked to one of the managers and I took the opportunity to ask him what local musicians he recommended I listen to:

409   408 411
Galvanic Elephants


Faun Racket


Argo Vals


– Pastacas & Tenniscoats




I went to a craft beer tasting in the afternoon at the end of the afternoon, it was really inexpensive and was organized nicely: it was made up of little groups, one per table, and we each had a rating sheet on which we analyzed each beer according to 5 criteria.

Estonia likes its beers, especially craft beers, because there is a natural connection to the things that come from the earth.




- Le bilan -

Don’t forget Genialistide in Tartu.


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