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18.05.14 - Guillaume - 716lavie
Hot Horse
Celovska cesta 25 (there's another one at : Smartinska cesta 152)
+386 1 521 14 27
Open Monday-Sunday 9am-6am the next day ( it's true!)
- Le résumé -

It’s a local curiosity that everyone (travel books or locals) will tell you about at least once, and even those that didn’t go there, for one reason or another, will tell you that they’re friends liked it: a horse meat hamburger.

- Lieu -

It’s located in the heart of the beautiful and huge Tivoli park, so it’s good occasion to bring together a guilty equine conscience to a good naturalist one. That being said, there is another restaurant in the city.
All in orange, mixing modern aspects like metal and aluminum with warm colours ( even the staff clothing is orange) it clashes.
It opened up in 1995 with a wish of offering burger made from quality products, the success was huge and Hot Horse inscribed itself for good in the city’s landscape.

- L'équipe -

The staff is surprisingly nice, the guy took pleasure in making the sandwich he likes ( with lots of different sauces, and very spicy).

- Le repas -

The burger
It’s not cheap considering Ljubljana prices (4.50 euros), and so when we see this price, we think it has to be good meat.
I was thinking I’d be getting a “new generation” burger, an organic burger of sorts, in taste it’s a real fast food burger, mixed meat patty, soft bun, mass-produced sauces, but at the same time they insist on the quality of their products ( one meat supplier, as well as one for bread, and vegetables from local farmers).


- Le bilan -

Hard to digest in the afternoon, but I’m not regretting anything, it was pretty great.
I wouldn’t make it my cafeteria, it’s more for the experience.

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