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- Infos Pratiques -

Bus and Trams

You can get a one or three day Transportation Pass



To go to Smiltyne, the port facing Klaipeda on the Curonian Spit, “cette langue de terre classée réserve naturelle”, there are three ports:

In one, there is a ferry every hour. Getting across takes 15 minutes.

In the other, there’s a ferry every 20 minutes: passengers and cars at the same time, you’re on the dock with the cars. Getting across takes 15 minutes.

During the summer, there’s a direct ferry to Klaipeda with comments along the way, which takes 2 hours.



To go to Latvia, the neighboring country, you have the buses that leave the Akropolis mall parking lot, and that go to Liepaja for example.

- Le résumé -

Klaipeda is a big commercial port with a population of 100 000, it’s the second riches city in Lithuania, after Vilnius, the capital.

Lithuania has five distinct ethnographic regions: Suvalkija or Sudovia, Dzūkija also called Dainava, Samogitia, Aukštaitija and Lithuania Minor. Lithuania Minor, the region called  Klaipėda, includes the Curonian Spit, the Šilutė and Klaipėda regions as well as Tauragė’s south district.

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- Un peu d'histoire -

The historic city was founded in 1252 by Teutonic knights, it’s Lithuania’s oldest city. It was destroyed by the Russians and the Nazis at the end of the Second World War, there’s a particular atmosphere there because of it. A part of the old center town is intact, but otherwise this city suffered a lot. So much so, that I was told that its residents hold it dear in their own way, a kind of resignation mixed with pride.

Here is Lithuania Minor and Lithuania

I’ve heard that the biggest of two Russian embassies in Lithuania is here, because Klaipeda is a strategic entry way into the Baltic. It’s also the reason why you hear that Klaipeda has always been home to a lot of spies.



- Hôtels -

Friedrich Guest House
Šaltkalvių gatvė 3
Klaipėda 91246
+370 46 391020
the website

I really liked it, the room was very comfortable, the hotel is very central, but it’s quiet. The breakfast buffet is super good: you can see blue cheese, I ate really good blue cheese in Lithuania. They’d originally had the prices too high, but they brought them down, and since then, they’re very good: 65 euros in the slow season, otherwise it’s 78 euros for a double.



IMG_5815  IMG_5819 IMG_5820

- Lieux -

Blacksmith Museum
Šaltkalvių Str. 2/2a)
Tel : +370 46 410526
Open 10 am- 6 pm

The man that opened it up is a real character. The story is that several cemeteries were abandoned and he decided to gather the crosses in order to make something of them. He found this old metal workshop, and decided it was the perfect place for a museum. He organizes activities for the kids.

042 043 041

Lithuania Minor’s Historical Museum

Didžioji Vandens Str. 2
+370 46 410527

There are gastronomy workshops for groups.

029 031 033

- Restaurants -

Momo Grill
Liepų g.20
LT92113 Klaipėda
Tel :+370 693 12355
the website

I went and didn’t think it was anything crazy, it’s a trendy bistro with international cuisine, the meal is local, the music is from 98′ and the type you find in lounges, but lots of people like that. Those that have high expectations in terms of palate liked their first restaurant, which is now closed.

124 120  125


Taikos pr. 61 (PC Akropolis)
+370 611 43295
the website

A comfortable and quiet Asian restaurant located in the Akropolis mall. The neighboring Latvians go over the border to come buy things here. There are countless restaurants, an ice rink, etc…The girl at the information kiosk recommended this restaurant, and the seats are comfortable here. Interesting point: none of the servers that were there that day liked Asian food, original. My wakame salad was extremly bland, but the fish with spicy sauce was good.

IMG_6004 IMG_6009 IMG_6010

The places that were recommended to me by locals that I didn’t get the chance to try: 

Restaurant XII
N. Sodo Street 1 | Hotel Amberton
Klaipeda aukštas

It’s on the hotel’s 12th floor, and I’m told it’s good.


Meatlovers burger
Danės gatvė 1
Klaipėda 92120, Lituanie
+370 652 21998

The setting is apparenly amazing, but the burgers just so-so.


Žvejų g. 8
Tel.: 8 671 111 37
the website

I noticed this pizza truck when I was heading to the port to take the ferry. I was with the lady from the tourism office, and when she saw I was looking at it, right away she said: ” it’s the best pizza in town”. Later on, every one I met in Klaipeda confirmed it. Think about going there before taking the boat; crossing only takes 5 mins so you wont get sick when digesting.


Stora antis

Tiltų gatvė 6
Klaipėda 91248, Lituanie
+370 46 493910

Classy restaurant.


Varnėnų gatvė 7
Klaipėda 91190
+370 648 33019
the website

A restaurant everyone likes, but far from the center, close to the ferry port, so you can take this opportunity to grab something to eat before going to Smiltyne.  You can get there by bus.


Restorant Bisquit
Priestočio 30
+370 602 20406
the website

- Bars -

Herkus Kantas
Kepėjų g. 17
Open Monday-Saturday 5 pm- 2 am
the website

“It’s Klaipeda’s best bar, the one everyone likes to go to: good beers, good atmosphere, small local producers’ market from 4 pm- 7 pm.”

Read the 716 review


The spots that were recommended to me by locals that I didn’t get a chance to try

Frydricho Vynine
Tiltų g. 26 A
+370 46 401320
the website

A friend that had lived in Klaipeda sent me a text: ” For a glass or a bottle of wine, nothing beats Frydricho Vynine in terms of service, quality of selection, and atmosphere.”


Senamiesčio Baras
Bažnyčių 4/10
+370 644 144 61

“The old town bar”, perfect for snacking on “cheese fingers” with a beer.








Recommended by Martynas

I would say Leika is pretty original in concept. Another interesting option used to be a bar on top of the main hotel, can’t remember the name, but it’s NOT Viva La Vita:) For a glass or bottle of wine, nothing surpassed Frydricho Vynine in terms of service, quality selection and ambience. Another good central-asian/caucasian restaurant is Ararat.



- Alimentation -

Kūlių Vartų str. 7
91250, Klaipėda

It’s the city’s brewery, affiliated with Carlsberg, but that still tries to make beers a bit more of the old fashioned way. Those who know their stuff will tell you that this is nothing like a real “craft beer”, but that’s it’s taking the right path towards it. My buddy that has a beer blog was telling me that a big label that tries to make a more old fashion beer is pretty good. You can visit the brewery or just go for a tasting outside. It ends up being cheaper doing the tasting yourself than doing it with a guide from the tourism office ( Beer tastings are 14 litas, 40 if you get a guide from the tourism office).

IMG_5627 IMG_5629 IMG_5631



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