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18.05.11 - Guillaume - 716lavie

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We continue the serie about the favourite restaurants of artists. After Headman for Berlin, Kobol Electronics for Rome, Hugo Mendez for London, this is Marcos Cabral – who recently did a 716 Exclusive Mix – for New York.

North Brooklyn, Williamsburg and Greenpoint to be exact is where NYC restaurant culture is thriving at the moment. Not to say that there aren’t a million other great restaurants to choose from burrough-wide. Of course if you want your dining experience to be country specific, we have Chinatown, Little Brazil, Koreatown, Little Italy, etc. My suggestions will lean towards cuisine based on foods that are generally local, seasonal, and American.

1) Five Leaves
18 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11222
(718) 383-5345
the website
Most people are aware of the rumors of Heath Ledger being involved with Five Leaves before he passed. That hype has mostly faded. What hasn’t faded is the long wait for a table, and probably the best steak I’ve ever had. Everything on the menu is the best it can be. The ambience and decor have become typical Brooklyn aesthetic…some people call it old-timey.

2) Diner
85 Broadway
NY 11211-6005, États-Unis
(718) 486-3077
the website
One of the front-runners of BK restaurants. They do it all themselves, right down to killing their own animals and using every limb in a different dish. They have their own Magazine, butcher shop, and sister restaurant next door if you crave oysters in a warm dim lit room.

3) Moto
394 Broadway
NY 11211-9408, États-Unis
(718) 599-6895
the website
The king of the rustic restaurants. Not too long ago, I’ve watched a documentary ( on the making of this place. It was years in the making, with every vintage fixture mounted perfectly. The story goes something like, two guys that are into old motorcycles decide they want to fall in debt and open a restaurant underneath the subway platform on Broadway in Brooklyn. As many times as I’ve been there, it still feels special when I walk inside.

4) Dumont Burger
314 Bedford Avenue
NY 11211, États-Unis
(718) 384-6128
the website
You could easily say that it has one of the best hamburgers you’ve ever had.

5) Walter Foods
253 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211, États-Unis
(718) 387-8783
the website
The look and feeling is like a fancy pub and grill from half a decade ago. The service is pro, right down to the bow-ties that the servers wear. It’s classic American food done un-fancy and perfect.

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