PREMIERE : Belia Winnewisser – Voices

19.09.17 - Guillaume

PE-010 is a split tape between Belia Winnewisser hailing from Lucerne and Berlin-based L.Zylberberg. Both sides of the tape are pretty trippy and stroke our soft spot for esotericism. L.Zylberberg’s “Chatter” is a 15-miuntes balearic/electro-jam that feels like a warm handshake between Manuel Göttsching and Heinrich Müller. The other side of the tape features three synth-pop-y oddballs by Belia Winnewisser that are equally fragil, haunting and strong, and they sit somewhere between the smell of melted butter and having a nude jog. The split tape marks the 10th audio-release of Präsens Editionen.

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