Stockpot- Riga (Latvia)

02.04.15 - Guillaume - 716lavie
Ģertrūdes iela 6
+371 27 832 165
lun - ven: 11:00 - 20:30
- Le résumé -

A great bistro in an up and coming neighborhood. Stockpot stayed good and inexpensive despite the surrounding changes.

I say yes to this restaurant.


- La petite histoire -

It’s Sig, the musician in Riga, that recommended it to me during my first trip there, he confided that him and his musicians went there regularly to eat when they were staying at KKC.

- Lieu -

The neighborhood is getting more and more hipster, but there’s still Muklajs beside it, which is a sure thing.

Stockpot is also a great place, there’s a lot of traffic here, there’s often a lineup, but the wait times are short.



- L'équipe -

It’s an Englishman that started this place with his wife. I was dealing with Mrs. when I was there, she was super nice, ready to help.


- Le repas -

Here, it’s Indian food, spicy, fresh, and not expensive, it stays affordable for the Latvian standard of living.



The daily special was a super spicy beef soup, perfect to get over the beginning of an itchy throat.



After that, a chicken curry, not incredible, but very good nonetheless, and very fresh!


For the drink, a lemon and ginger house tea, ideal!


- Le bilan -

Stockpot is a great place, because of the food it offers, the people that eat there, and the warmth of the service.

A guaranteed good time!

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