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- Infos Pratiques -

Tourism office
Vabaduse plats 6
Tel : (+372) 433 0442
the website

I met some really friendly people that helped me out a lot during my stay in Viljandi, they knew I was a blogger, but still.

- Le résumé -

Viljandi is known for its teachings in music and traditional cultures.

It’s a beautiful old city with Germanic influences, but small, with a beautiful lake at the foot of it.

- Hôtels -

Just Rest
Ranna puiestee 6
Tel : +372 520 6772
the website

I was staying at someone’s house, so I didn’t try any hotels, however the tourism office put me up in the first automatic hostel in Viljandi, which had recently opened up during my stay in September 2014. The hostel is by the lake, which could definitely be worse!

A room with double bed, breakfast included, for 1 person goes for 33.90 euros, and for 2 people 44.80 euros: the place could use some more charm, but it is quite modern and right by the beautiful lake, so the price is totally worth it.

I wish to point out that they also have rooms for disabled persons, including those with reduced mobility.


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- Guide -

Guided tours

There are daily guided tours during the summer done by students in Estonian, English and German; they start from the tourism office at 1 pm.

Adult : 1€, student : 0,5€, family : 2€

- Evènements -

– Viljandi Folk Music Festival
the website

Viljandi is renowned for its education in traditional cultures, so the Folk Music Festival in July is not to be missed.

Capture d’écran 2014-09-09 à 09.59.59

- Lieux -

The Kondas Center of Naive Art (Kondase Keskus)
Pikk tänav 8
Tel : 4333 968
the website

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IMG_4490 IMG_4504 IMG_4521

– The water tower

Johan Laidoneri plats
Tel : (+372) 433 0442

Entrance 1 euro

IMG_4638 IMG_4642 IMG_4641

The castle

Tasuja puiestee

Free entrance

The construction of the castle was started by German knights in 1224, shortly after Viljandi was occupied by the Germans. It’s a sumptuous site, overlooking the Viljandi lake.

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IMG_4619 766 769

The lake

The lake is simply beautiful, 12 kilometers in length, and it’s popular to walk around it in its entirety.

At certain points alongside it there are areas dedicated to sports: volleyball, basketball, badminton, there are also kid parks, it’s very user-friendly. There’s even the automatic Just Rest Hostel alongside it ( see the Hotel part of this review).

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IMG_4395 IMG_4424 768

The Murese Farm

69722 Raassilla
Tel : +372 509 1779
From Viljandi take the bus 44 or 25, stop at Raasilla
the website

Located half an hour bus ride from Viljandi.

It’s a farm like no other.

They raise sheep (800 in the summer, 350 the rest of the year) but they also do much more. Among other things, they sell gloves, toques, scarves knit with the sheep’s wool which can be found at the tourism office store.

Each year they welcome numerous volunteers from around the world, you can therefore also come for a few days in exchange for helping with daily tasks.

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IMG_4629  845 831

- Restaurants -

Kohvik Fellin
Kauba 11
71011 Viljandi
Tel : +372 435 9795
the website

It’s the most popular coffee shop ( restaurant really if you check the menu) in Viljandi.

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IMG_4661 IMG_4654 IMG_4659

- Cafés -

Tasuja puiestee 6
Tel : +372 434 2066
the website

It’s the coffee shop in the Center of Traditional Music in Viljandi. I can’t say I fell head over heels for it, but it was very useful to start the day since I was living beside it. The positives are that it’s right by the castle ruins, it’s in the Center of Music ( if you want to go check it out), that it has a patio with an amazing view and a cool decor. Otherwise, it’s not cheap, and not unforgettable. So there you go, now you know it all:)

757 IMG_4446 IMG_4448

Tallinna tn 29A
Tel : +37243 58 388, +372 51992991

The coffee shop had only been open for two months when I went. I want to mention that I was invited for a lunch by the owner after I had a meeting with the city’s tourism office. I found that the prices were very honest, the ingredients were local, all this two steps away from the train station, very useful when travelling. Some locals thought that the overall quality had gone down from when it opened and saw it more as an average lunch spot rather than a place to go for dinner.

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IMG_4546 IMG_4555 IMG_4556

Rohelise maja pood ja kohvik
Koidu 2
71004 Viljandi
Tel :+372 55 687 474
the website

The best “organic” coffee shop in Viljandi. It’s an incredible success, and well deserved: people come here both to eat and to buy a variety of products.

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IMG_4691 IMG_4696 IMG_4698

- Bars -

Jakobsoni 18
71005 Viljandi
Tel : 5624 8141
the website

The bar is open Tuesday-Saturday, the name “Romaan” comes from the fact that the owner studied literature and also writes. That’s why there are books a bit everywhere. Since the place is for…they open at night and close when they go to bed.

There weren’t any cool bars in Viljandi before this one, so the locals like this place a lot. It just happened that I knew the staff, and that’s how I found out about it; it’s hard to just come across it because it’s not in the center-center of Viljandi ( the city isn’t huge though).

There’s a great vibe here, the prices are reasonable, friendly atmosphere. Since Estonia doesn’t have many bars, it’s pretty easy to open one, because the state has the tendency to help open up places like these.

The night I went there was a artisan beer tasting, the following night was a rock night. I recommend that you try the artisan schnapps.

IMG_4671 IMG_4672 IMG_4673    IMG_4675 IMG_4676 IMG_4677


- Magasins -

Sobralt Sobrale
Kauba 4
Avatud E-R 10 – 18 L 9 – 14
Tel : 6843966
the website

A second hand store, which can be useful when something goes wrong during your trip. It’s a chain store.

IMG_4493 IMG_4494

- Musique -

The Center of Traditional Music in Viljandi(Eesti Pärimusmuusika Keskus)
Tasuja pst 6
71011 Viljandi
Tel: + 372 434 2050, +372 434 2070
the website

This place hold many activities, but overall it runs the education and event organization linked to traditional Estonian music.

There’s a shop in the entrance or you can go downstairs to listen to music or read a book. You can also rent out instruments monthly for a minimal fee.

On the top floor you can find Aïda, the coffee shop I talked about in the Cafés section.

IMG_4669 IMG_4668 IMG_4667

IMG_4666 IMG_4444 IMG_4665


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