716 Exclusive Mix – Mohlao / VC-118A : Japanese Electronics Mix

03.07.13 - Guillaume

Samuel van Dijk aka Mohlao ou VC-118A est un producteur hollandais qui délivre depuis 2009 une techno/électro aux accents cotonneux, dub, trippés. De la musique de grande qualité pour mélomanes avertis.
Il jouera ce samedi au Have A Nice Day Festival à Eibergen en Hollande.

Samuel van Dijk aka Mohlao or VC-118A is a dutch producer that delivers a spacey techno/electro. Top quality for demanding listeners.
He’ll play this saturday at Have A Nice Day Festival à Eibergen en Hollande.

Il s’est risqué à l’exercice du mix pour 716 et le résultat est de toute beauté, une sélection parfaite d’électro caviar.
Mohlao – VC-118A, si vous ne les connaissiez pas encore, retenez bien ces noms.

He took the chance to make a mix for 716 and the result is pure beauty, a perfect selection of caviar electro.Mohlao – VC-118A, if you didn’t know these two aliases, remember them well.

716 Exclusive Mix - Mohlao : VC118A716

« The mix tells a story between the technology, ideas and inspirations through the collection of tracks.
They all inspire me to be creative, innovative and searching for new sounds.
An overall idea about the mix is that it starts with orientations on electro fields and retro-futristic movements.
After the first half, the directions are in a more modern style in which images may evoke of a distant past where simplicity and layering imagination played a big role.
Hope this shines some light on the idea behind it, the sound is for me always the most important factor. »
Mohlao / VC118-A, Juillet 2013

1) pamétex – … – pamétex
2) ectomorph – subversion – international transmissions
3) elecktroids – japanese electronics – warp
4) dopplereffekt – gesamtkunstwerk – international deejay gigolo records
5) dcast dynamics – the light still glows – isophlux
6) fastgraph – ../../ – klakson
7) cosmic force – the electric vision – frustrated funk
8) photodementia – postpre – photodementia
9) syne language – untitled – hard sync
10) terekke – amaze – l.i.e.s.
11) legowelt – beyond the congo – bunker
12) hundred20 – upper alley – mcde
13) unknown artist – untitled
14) lost trax – hidden agenda – tabernacle
15) maus & stolle – pan – klang elektronik
16) sigha – untitled#2 – hotflush
17) female – (regis edit) – sandwell district
18) dynamo – 23° – din

716 Exclusive Mix – Mohlao / VC-118A : Japanese Electronics by 716 Music on Mixcloud

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