716 Exclusive Mix – Beau Wanzer : When You Move Your Eye Mix

10.03.12 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Beau Wanzer proposed me a text that he wrote himself:
Beau Wanzer lives in Chicago. He is one half of Mutant Beat Dance (with Traxx) and one half of Streetwalker (with Elon Katz). The other half is reserved for himself. He’s taken a break from sifting through paraffin embedded dog tissues and reading old copies of Fangoria to put together this collection of songs he enjoys.”

What can I add?
Beau Wanzer does live acts, he is a keyboards geek, a research scientist but also a strong records collector.
I have to say he has been really cool and enthusiastic when I made him this proposal, it’s a real pleasure to host his selection without concessions on 716 Music.

1) Die Form – Cruel Philosophy
2) Maniacs – Vietnam
3) Camera Obscura – Traces
4) TC – Mindbender
5) Con – Paris
6) Dome – Linasixup
7) Head Resonance Company – Untitled
8) D.K. – Well Like
9) Siluetes 61 – Stop Talking
10)La Loora – Substandard Film
11) Van Kaye & Ignit – Voulez-vous Bouler
12) Non – A World on Fire
13) Fau Siebnrock Combo – Die Stolzen Frauenherzen
14) Construction in Music – Untitled (Shitty Boss BF2 Edit)
15) Skinny Puppy – Monster Radio Man
16) Thorax Wach – Ruhe im Karton

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