716 Exclusive Mix – TBC : Cosmic Mind & Cosmic Planet
29.04.16 - Guillaume

It is an honour and a pleasure to welcome the legendary Italian dj TBC on 716 for 2 amazings mixes he gave us : Cosmic Mind & Cosmic Planet. The biography that will follow is based on notes he gav[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Françoijack (Vielspaß) : A Springbreak Toward Ghostland
24.04.16 - Guillaume

Françoijack is a long time activist in the art/music scene in Bretagne, the west part of France. He discovered the illegal raves in the early 90's, and since then, his passion for this music and the o[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Dj Nomad : Cameroon in Paris (Modern Soul + Disco from the Golden age of the Diaspora)
21.04.16 - Guillaume

Dj Nomad aka Hans has grown up in Germany, surrounded by a mix of cultures. The 1st record he bought was "Parallell Lines" by Blondie, maybe a premonitory title when you know how many bridges he will [...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Antoni Maiovvi : I Ain’t Fungified About No Legrification Noways
19.04.16 - Guillaume

Antoni Maiovvi, is a producer, originally from Bristol, now located in Berlin. He is the creator of the horror disco. He loves disco, but hates most of the house music :) He loves Goblin and Tangerin [...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Boulo Disjoké : Soul et Neons Mix
17.04.16 - Guillaume

[caption id="attachment_59979" align="aligncenter" width="870"] 716lavie.com organise sa 1ère soirée musicale à Paris le samedi 23 avril au 9B, 68, boulevard de la Villette, Paris (75020), métro : Col[...]

Soirée 716 le samedi 23 avril au 9B, Paris (75020)
13.04.16 - Guillaume

716lavie.com organise sa 1ère soirée musicale à Paris le samedi 23 avril au 9B, 68, boulevard de la Villette, Paris (75020), métro : Colonel Fabien ou Belleville, entrée gratuite. Depuis 2008, 716 pub[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Schemer (Positive Education) : Drive with a Shadow Girl
25.03.16 - Guillaume

I discovered the crew Positive Education during a Concrete party in the summer 2015. That day the sound was beating really hard in the great room while on the terrace there was a smooth house dj set, [...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Teslasonic : Neutron Star Mix
27.02.16 - Guillaume

"Born as a collective project, a lab of sounds, images and words inspired by the Serbian genius, Teslasonic is the electrical side project of Gianluca Bertasi (aka Feedback) co-founder with Heinrich D[...]

716 Playlists – Bionda e Lupo Playlist
17.02.16 - Guillaume

  Bionda e Lupo is a duo that has just released a 12'' on Bordello a Parigi "Ton Rire". Their sound is somewhere between synth pop, electro and the vibe is sexual, nostalgic, energetic, a bit [...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Isorinne : Appearance in Memory
05.02.16 - Guillaume

Isorinne has just released his beautiful first album "Recollections of Forgotten Dreams" on Field records, but who is Michel Isorinne? Let' the artist answer himself : "If you ever heard the name M[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Ratkat : Dome of Rope Mix
19.01.16 - Guillaume

Helena aka RatKat is a dj from Hamburg I discovered recently. She also does live music with Shari Vari, the duo she forms with Sophia Kennedy. I like her mixing technique, smooth and precise, and a[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Bon Valentino : Secret Party Mixtape
15.01.16 - Guillaume

Bon Valentino is a member of the collective Bon Chance from Stockholm, a group of djs who organize some parties "tropical music / world groove" oriented.  I have known them thanks to the Camp Cosmic F[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Mitmitta : Blowing in the Horn of Africa Mix
01.01.16 - Guillaume

Kidus aka dj Mitmitta is one of the main record collectors based in Ethiopia. He runs the Mitmitta Muzika record label where he re-released, in collab with Domino Sound from New Orleans, a compilation[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Trepanado (Selvagem – Bresil) : Além Do Horizonte Mix
05.12.15 - Guillaume

Augusto Olivani aka Trepanado from Sao Paulo used to be a travel journalist and a dj. Since he started his own parties "Selvagem" with his mate Milos Kaiser, things got crazy. Quickly Selvagem parties[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Félix B. Desfossés : Quebec Modern Mix
31.10.15 - Guillaume

Québec Modern - Disco/funk sulfureux et modern soul du Québec Felix est un authentique mordu, un passionné jusqu'à l'os de la musique québecoise dans son ensemble, un digger patenté qui aime partag[...]

716 Playlists – Les daubes de Dj Maurice Playlist
28.10.15 - Guillaume

Mag a une double vie. De temps en temps, le week-end il se métamorphose en Dj Maurice et enchaîne daube sur daube. Mais quelles daubes! Il sévissait déjà à l'époque où j'animais l'émission La Tambouil[...]

716 Playlists – Russ Gabriel Playlist
28.10.15 - Guillaume

Russ Gabriel est un ancien dont le son évolue entre deepness mélodique et sons plus raw, toujours là après bientôt 20 ans de carrière. Russ Gabriel is one of the original old school producers, his [...]

716 Playlists – Tadd Mullinix (JTC, Charles Manier) Playlist
28.10.15 - Guillaume

J'ai eu la chance d'accueillir l'artiste Tadd Mullinix aka JTC sur 716 déjà deux fois : - un superbe 716 Mix - une 716 Sélection de Restaurants de sa ville Ann Arbour Il est ce type d'artistes que [...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Çaykh : The Dance of the Pharaoh
03.10.15 - Guillaume

J'ai découvert Çaykh avec un mix dingue de chansons somaliennes datant d'avant la guerre de 1991. Çaykh fait partie du groupe Circuit Diagram, ils n'organisent pas de soirées mais sont des chercheurs[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Bintus : Warm-Up
13.09.15 - Guillaume

Crédits photos : Sofia Lambrou Milo Smee uses tons of aliases for his different projects : Kruton, Binary Chaffinch, Chrome Hoof, Invincible Scum, Zirkon and Booze. Personally I discovered him to t[...]