716 Exclusive Mix – Blank & Kytt : Good Morning Mix

13.03.11 - Guillaume - 716lavie

I discovered english duo Blank & Kytt because Young Montana had posted a status on facebook saying he had been digging all day with his mates from Blank & Kytt.

I checked what they were doing and discovered their last album “FastSlowJamz” which I found funky, eclectic, innovative and frankly entertaining, a real musical playground that still carries feelings through 1’30 tracks. Kind of music that makes you think they had as much fun doing it as you have listening to it. Find also their latest remixes & tracks here.
They did also this track I like a lot.

It was the perfect opportunity to bring some brand new names into the 716 Exclusive Mixes.
Plus, the guys have been super cool, quickly productive and easily creative.
So I’m happy to bring these 2 young and funky talents on 716.

1) Blank – Kids Show Intro
2) Wagon Christ – Accordion McShane
3) Pearl Jam – Red Dot
4) Flying Lotus – Gumdrop
5) S.Maharba – Our Tomb
6) Elan Tamara – Oh Papa
7) Bogdan Raczynski – Samurai Math Beats
8) Mum – Flow Not So Fast Mountain River Radio
9) Listen Collective – Detroit
10) Joanna Newsom – Sprout And The Bean

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