716 Exclusive Mix – Dj7 (716lavie) : Samedi Après-Midi

31.05.20 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Saturday afternoon 30th of may 2020, fucking hot in Paris and that’s the progressive end of the containment’s period. I wanted to play some new records that I had bought just before the Covid’s wave, a mix of ambient/experimental with some cool dancing electro. Of course there are always some old tracks too.

Strictly vinyls, 2 turntables, no edition.

1) John Elder – Again [Bedroom Suck]
2) Suso Saiz – El Mar Que Tendra El Mar [Villalegre Recordings]
3) Future 3 / System – Reverberate [April Records]
4) System Olympia – Yoon [Slow Motion]
5) DB. Source – Ciane (GG Records Trance Mix) [Gravity Graffiti]
6) Gnork – Ur So Fukn Good [Earth Plates]
7) Plein Soleil aka Chloé & Krikor – Casus Belli Casus Belli (Brontosaurus Saga Mix) [Live at Robert Johnson]
8) Ogenki Clinic – Kirei (James Holden vs Main Element Remix) [Easyaccess]
9) Sister Maso – Erotic Holidays Packet (Open Spaces Mix) [Sleeve Records]
10) DJ Neumann / Rare Appearance – Perfect Taxture [TAX FREE Records]
11) Enlight aka Gavin Hardkiss / Hawke – Feel It [Elegal, sublabel of Klasse Wrecks]
12) Donald’s House – 3 A.M. [Filament]
13) Gnork – Lost In X [Earth Plates]
14) Blair Greenberg – Beach [Bedroom Suck]
15) Antonio Garcia – Guitarra Primitiva [Villalegre Recordings]
16) Albert Alan Owen – Following The Light Part II [Libreville Records]
17) Keiichi Suzuki/鈴木慶一 – Satellite Serenade (Trans Asian Express) [WAU! Mr. Modo Recordings]
18) Sam Mallet – Stream Daimons’ Speak [Bedroom Suck]

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