716 Exclusive Mix – Lord Guardado : Rythme Circadien

21.11.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

I discovered Lord Guardado also written Guardado Lord when I heard about the magnificient compilation “La Llama De Prometeo (La Puerta De Entrada A Las Nuevas Músicas Españolas)” dedicated to the New Age Folk Spanish movement called Nuevas Músicas Españolas. This compilation selected by Daniel Nielles has been released on the Discómanos Records  label ran by him and Lord Guardado.

Lord Guardado a.k.a. Jorge Moreia is a veteran DJ from northwestern Spain settled in the middle of the Pyrénées halfway between Lleida (check the 716 travel article about LLeida) and Toulouse. He also manages with Dj Manuel and Dj Enrique the record label Villalegre Recordings , more dance than Discómanos Records.

His 716 mix is first focused on reggae then turns into some Brazilian stuff and more cool Brazil / balearic tracks.

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