716 Exclusive Mix – Gropina : Something About Chilling

21.11.17 - Guillaume - 716lavie

We don’t know much about the Italian producer Gropina from Toscany, now expatriated in Amsterdam, except that he released the intriguing and bewitching 12″ Mare Aperto in 2017 on his own label Paesaggi records. Mare Aperto (opened see) sounds quite paradoxal now that we discovered that the “closed sea” approach defended by the European Union towards the African migrants contributes to transform them into easy preys for the human traffic mobs. And it leads to those “slave markets” that appeared suddenly on CNN a few days ago, although many political leaders already knew it for years. Nevertheless the record is an open sea, opened to a wide relecture of some balear-ish ambient, Tyrrhenian-ish should I say.

“The feeling of part of the record reflects on me some sort of slightly romantic nostalgia and melancholy. But of course that’s my way of receiving it, and everybody would perceive it in a different way.” Gropina

This mix is perfect for the weed smokers, some chiiiilll meditation in a clear blue sea. “In this mix I was trying to enclose an emotional content similar to what somebody might get when you come back home in the early (or not so early) morning after a night out.” Gropina

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