716 Exclusive Mix – Freddy Fresh : My Disco Mix

03.05.11 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Freddy Fresh has a common point with JTC, another guest artist on 716 : he is also a killer producer in hip hop as well as in electro. During the last 20 years, Fresh has produced music on almost any kind of beats : hip hop, breaks, techno, hardcore, house and he was first a rock/new wave fan as a teenage! Check his biography for more details. Freddy Fresh is an old timer but he is still fresh! I discovered his productions through techno mixtapes recorded on the radio in the early 90’s. You could expect many things from him but not necessarily a disco mix. And here it is on 716!

1) Liquid Gold – What She’s Got – Critique
2) Surface – Falling In Love – Salsoul
3) Odyssey – Inside Out – RCA
4) Lace – Can’t Play Around Instrumental – Atlantic
5) Bombers – Shake – West End
6) Escape From New York – Save Our Love – Profile
7) Musique – Summer Love – CBS
8) Serge Ponsar – Out In The Night – Warner Bros
9) Karen Young – Detour – Atlantic

Check some cool tracks of him too.

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