716 Exclusive Mix – Julia Pé : Black Summer

10.08.17 - Guillaume - 716lavie

I discovered Julia Pe (Intergalactic FM, Oviedo/Madrid) when she started collaborating with Charles Kent (who released on Kommando6 label and later on his own digital label Charles Kent) and Makina Girgir (the French Retro-Lektro-Wave project, the name comes from Ethiopia, here is a very interesting explanation in this itw and check my 716 reviews about Ethiopia), for their radio show WAD (Welt-am-draht Radio) on Murder Capital FM. She did the Invisible Monsters mix in 2011 and I reposted it. Then Julia wrote me to thank me and we started to be friends. Later I went to Oviedo for 716lavie and we got in touch again cause she lives there. 2017, 6 years later after my first repost, it was time to publish a 716 mix of her. Strangely this mix is called Black Summer and I received it just when I was at the hospital for some important surgery. When I received it, it was like my first day feeling better so it was deep.

She started playing in 2005 and has collaborated with various platforms such as podcasts for blogs and radios – mainly Intergalactic FM, where she just had the chance to play at the last IFM and Magic Waves fest last april (2017), as well she has played in various events in Mexico (she lived 4 years there) and Spain, collaborating with collectives such as AztlanMúsica DispersaMicrom RecordsLiquor or taking part in several streaming with the platform Captcha, to name a few.

Julia Pé is a music lover who considers djiing is her oficio and not her empleo. As she explained it to me : “In Spanish we have two words to describe you professionally : oficio is your passion, what you love to do and empleo is what brings you money and not necessary your passion, I believe mixing is my oficio is what I Love to do and I would love to make it my empleo as well but being realistic is not easy, so if any promoter wants to invite me I will be more than glad”. She describes herself as a lover of the dark and melodic sounds, which gets you to different landscapes…like techno, acid or electro. This Black Summer is the perfect proof.

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