716 Exclusive Mix – TX Connect : Endless Summer Vol. II

04.10.16 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Gavin Guthrie aka TX Connect is a  producer from Dallas, Texas, who runs the Texas Recording Underground record label. He has been very prolific in 2016 :

– a split one with our friend Antoni Maiovvi (check Antoni’s 716 Mix) on Horn Wax

– another one still on Horn Wax with Heretic, Antoni Maiovvi and Future Unit

Check this cool video

– the Farewell to Arps EP on Jack Dept

– the Untimely Emotions EP on Computer Controlled records

Gavin had released a 1st volume of his Endless Summer for 716lavie. I was so happy when he told me had made a second chapter this year. I was in Uganda when he sent it to me, but guess what? It’s late september in Paris and it’s so warm and sunny that it is the perfect time to publish an Endless Summer Vol. II. Includes tracks by John Zahl, Total Contrast, Wuf Ticket, Shalamar, Instant Funk, George Clinton, Breakwater, PPU Peoples Potential Unlimited, Orlando Riva Sound, Nick Straker Band, Phil Collins, and more.

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