716 Exclusive Mix – LEO : Besoins Premiers

11.07.17 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Same thing happens with electronic music than it did with hip hop : Paris is no longer the center of France and that is great, some cities have been put on the map, such as Lyon or Saint Etienne, thanks to big events (Nuit Sonores in Lyon) or major figures (Agoria) and local crews who developped a strong musical and visual identity (BFDM, Pilotwings, Jezebel, Macadam Mambo in Lyon, Positive Education in Saint Etienne.

I remember being in Saint Etienne in 2000 and desperately looking for some good electronic music.

Positive Education is a crew that gathers djs and producers, organizes its own parties (even in the mine museum, a symbol of this industrial city) and has quickly understood that you need to be fully independent in any sector of the industry. Therefore they launched their booking agency and have names such as Manie sans délire, Years of denial, An-i, Distorsion tropicale, Volition immanent in their catalogue.

I hosted a mix from Schemer earlier and got in touch with LEO after he made a comment on his friend’s podcast. I really liked his sound as a producer : ambient and melodic, quite minimal though, not monotonous at all.

I first asked him if he could do a live, but it ended up in a mix : a very fine selection of cool and rare tracks from vintage rap to exotic funky beats, experimental ambient, acid folk and whatsoever. But dont expect a simple collage of genres, the guy has something to say.

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