716 Exclusive Mix – Unouzbeck : We Are Obscure Episode 6

29.01.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

I discovered unouzbeck through his edits and his mixes online. I don’t know much about him, except he is living in Saint-Etienne, France, just like the Positive Education crew (Leo & Schemer who both did a mix for 716lavie). Well it adds to the mistery and sometimes that’s better like that.

Unouzbeck has a podcast series called “We Are Obscure”. This volume 6 is dedicated to 716lavie, I thank him for that. Once again, his selection respects his trademark  : we’ll explore different countries (Nigeria, Lagos, Cameroon, France, …) and musical genres such as downtempo, obscure disco, French 80’s synth, italo, afro and more, but always with this obscure and trippy groove approach. The tracklist includes lots of cool reissue labels and edit makers : Habibi funk, Young Pulse, Prieur de la Marne, Funky French LeagueMarvin & Guy, The Reflex, Jérôme MéliMélodie, Kuniyuki Takahashi, Carrot Green.

1) Serge Gainsbourg – Marie Mathematique
2) Carlos Hernandes – Shyboy Shyboy 123
3) Ahmed Malek Tapes (Habibi Funk Records )
4) Anna System – Breakin Down
5) Placebo – Balek
6) Pierre Bachelet – Coup De Tête Theme (Prieur de la Marne edit)
7) Video Liszt – Fade Un Hong Kong
8) Véronique Sanson – Bernard Song ( Young Pulse Edit )
9) Shitân ‎– Disco Shîtan
10) Frends – Mystery Music
11 ……
12) I’m cliche 52 (Marvin & Guy Edit)
13) Carrot Green & Selvagem – Vandre [check the 716 Mix of Trepanado of Selvagem]
14) Steve Monite – Only You
15) Shake – Lost In Space
16) Pierre Henry – Funky Spider Man (The Reflex Edit)
17) Tala A.M – Sugar Lump
18) Michel Magne – Grand Theme Malko
19) ….
20) Ebo Taylor – Love And Death

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