716 Exclusive Mix – Ratkat : Dome of Rope Mix

19.01.16 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Helena aka RatKat is a dj from Hamburg I discovered recently. She also does live music with Shari Vari, the duo she forms with Sophia Kennedy.

I like her mixing technique, smooth and precise, and also her accurate selection. She called her 716 Mix « Dome of Rope » because : « it’s a mixture of the place I played and Rope the Hitchcock movie. I recorded my set at Chaos Computer Club & wanted to share it with you. » Chaos Computer Club is the biggest hacker club in Germany. Helena is also very much into social activism and democracy. She is looking for some funds via crowdfuning for a documentary « Facts About Fictions » she wants to make, only one week left to help her!

Enjoy this deep and melodic mix.

Monolake – VT-100
Composite Profuse – CRC666
Junq – Neutron Harmonics
Tuff Sherm, Patch Free – Dern Werk –
Marcello Neapolitano – Linguetta Acida (A Hieroglyphic Being re-duction)
As One – Shambala
Ø [Phase] – Mo_del
UR – The Illuminator
Bicep – Closing Sequence
Luca Lozano – Calling All Dancers
Claro Intelecto – Resonation
Pip Williams – Fundamental
Marshall Applewhite – Hey Girl
Vertigo Inc – Protagonist
Marquis Hawkes – Roger Funk
Ultramarine – Hooter (Carl Craig Remix)
Melly – Opinions and Portraits
Dez Williams – Silvaphish
Carl Finlow – Hashtag (Radioactive Man Remix)
Rhythmic Theory – Future Tense
John Bender – Victims of Victimless Crimes
Aymeric De Tapol – 4H23
Dead Fader – Nightmare Sequence
The Mothmen – Tardis
Moonraker – Raking Of The Moon
Elizabethan Collar – 09
Dennis Young – Contortions
Die Gesunden – Sometimes, Manchmal

716 Exclusive Mix – RatKat – Dome Of Rope Mix by 716 La Vie on Mixcloud

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