716 Exclusive Mix – DJ Technician – Moon Patrolling

01.12.16 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Mathieu De Ridder is an electro producer from The Hague in Holland. He is a purveyor of genuine electro music, that goes from the raw electro bass – including scratches, old school synths and robot male voices – to more funky italo tracks. When it come to electro, Dj Technician and Dj Overdose belong to the same musical school and it is not a coincidence they have just released an EP together on Charlois, the sub label of Pinkman, ran by our friend Patrick Marsman.

In 2006, Dj Technician had already hit strong with his record on Bunker “My Beat is a Monster”, a hell of a program.

He is also the Matzo of Matzo & Pauli for some slow mo trippy electro synth music, last release on Cyberdance records from Ali Renault, Casionova and Spruxxx.

His 716 podcast is an electro mix with no compromise! Special big up to have played the Soul Oddity Remix of the Odd Job track by the Miami band Phoenecia, one of my favs tracks ever.

I-F- Cry
Kraftwerk – Tour de France (remix)
Los Hermanos Rodriguez – Gymnasty
Le Car – S’prang
Orgue Electronic – Wir leben in pussywelt
Phoenecia – Odd Job – Rhythm Box Version (Soul Oddity Remix)
The Operator – Gamma Radiation
Arnold Steiner- Mood Sequence
DJ Overdose – Path to Wrath
Arabian Prince – Innovator
Cosmic Force – The Electric Vision
Carl Finlow – Photonics
Tricky D – letters
DJ Technician – Sync
Chaos – Afrogermanic
Newcleus – Computer age (Push The Button)
Novamen – Hiljos del e
Egyptian lover – Dance
Alden Tyrell – Digger
Composite Profuse – Definitive Neglect
Artificial Material – Modern Logistics
Volfram – Welcome To Gothenburg
Dopplereffect – Cellularphone
DJ Hell – Suicide Commando (Heinrich Mueller Remix)

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