716 Exclusive Mixes – Morpheus : Weird But Beautiful Mix 2

12.03.13 - Guillaume

Je suis très heureux de la série des « Weird But Beautiful Mixes » que nous avons construite avec Morpheus. Je crois que nous y prenons tous les deux un plaisir égal et j’espère que vous aussi.
La 1ère édition est . Voici venu le temps de la seconde, toujours aussi barrée mais subtile, étrange et délicate.

I am very happy with the « Weird But Beautiful Mix Series » we’ve developped with Morpheus. We are both taking an equal pleasure to publish them so we let you hear it and hope that it will be a pleasure for you as well.
The 1st edition is here. Here comes the time for the second one, still so weird and subtle, strange but delicate.

1) Vivian Stanshall – Dwarf Succulents
2) King Dude – You Can Break My Heart
3) Dj Vadim – The Larry Chatsworth Theme
4) Silence – A Brief Homage To John Cage
5) Turner Cody – If I Had The Drugs I’d Take `Em”
6) Dj Koze aka Adolf Noise – We Are The World
7) Emmplekz – Coughing For Belgium
8) Chet Faker – Terms And Conditions (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
9) Woody Leafer – Drums In My Typerighter
10) Bobby Brown – I Must Be Born
11) Jingle/Commercial Break
12) Horrid Red – Marble Staircase Pt.3
13) Travis Biggs – Tibetian Serenity
14) People Like Us – Harvesting
15) Akufen – Hawaiian Vodka Party (tournee 1)
16) Hex Pistols – No Celebrities
17) Le Zappalot – Erika Goes To Leopoldau
18) Jimmy Edgar – I Hate When People Make Tracks Like This
19) Dominique Petitgand – Merci Chérie
20) Low Tec/Schweiz Rec./Ron Deacon – 10
21) Khan Feat. Françoise Cactus – Les Gros Nichons
22) Afs – Mothers day
23) Greiegut Fraktion – Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt (Wolfgang Voigt Remix)(Palais Schumburg`s Cover)
24) The Menxperience – P-spot/jingle
25) Maria Minerva – The sound
26) Matmos – Very Large Triangles (edit)

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