716 Playlists – Morpheus Summer 2010 – 716 Playlist

11.08.10 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Yeh, Morpheus is back for his special summer delivery for 716.
As lots of the tracks are promo, it was sometimes hard for me to find a video or musical post, I tried my best and put my own comment in italic. Enjoy !

Let’s speak Samy :
“10 tunes for getting your rocks off in the summer… :

1. Jewrhythmics – “Misirlou” (Ajello remix)

2. Zero 7 – “Futures” (Carl Craig remix)

3. Sic – “The Job” (Meakusma)
check this link

4. Moonstarr Feat. Tash – “Monopoly”
I couldnt find the track

5. Gavin Friday & Dave Ball – “Ghost Rider” (Blast First)
Sorry, there was a video available but it’s been deleted and I couldn’t find anything else.

6. Mgmt – “It’s working” (Air remix)

7. Get a room – “So Close To Hell”
Check the myspace
I couldnt find the track

8. The Shookt (Diskjokke & StrangeFruit) – “Ghost in the machine” (Luna Flicks)

9. Holger Czukay – “Let’s get cool” (edit)
Check this video of the original track, this is not the edit

10. Tiefschwarz Feat. SethTroxler – “Trust” (alt. Version)

9 albums and 1 compilation to get you thru the summer… :

1. 16 fucking years of G-stone rec. compilation (G-Stone)

2. Arcade Fire – “The Suburbs” (Af rec.)

3. The Books – “The Way Out” (Temporary Residence)

4. Perfume Genius – “Learning” (Matador)

5. Grasscut – “1 inch/! /2 mile” (Ninja Tune)

6. Trentemoller – “Into the great wide yonder” (In My Room)

7. Moon Duo – “Escape (Woodsiest)

8. International Peoples Gang – “Up” (hi phi)
I couldnt find any track from this album

9. David Mc Almont & Michael Nyman – “The Glare” (mn records)

10. Axel Krygier – “Fesebre” (Crammed)

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