716 – November Mixes : Buzz Compass, Alpan, Nocow

07.11.16 - Guillaume - 716lavie

From now on, I’m publishing all the new mixes of the month at once and I’ll republish each of them every week.
For this November session, 716 is going east :
1) we have the Russian producer and dj Buzz Compass, famous for his deep house cuts and his re-edits. Producing since 2011, he is also a talented dj who plays exclusively on vinyl during his live sets. For this 716 mix, he decided to play some broken beat music, including some of his unreleased works/edits, some new and old stuff.
2) Alpar is here. Co-founder of the label Farbwechsel, this producer from Budapest focuses on analogue experimental and house music. I recommend his releases for the Belgian label Jj funhouse from Antwerpen and the German Cassette label Sicsic Tapes.
3) Nocow is from Saint Petersbourg, he has been here since 2009, but his music represents this new wave of Russian producers of house/techno, totally uninhibited, and super creative, slaloming brilliantly between snowy deep house, trancey druggy house, ambient and pseudo ghetto house, and everything else that can come to his mind.

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