716 Exclusive Mix – Nocow : Inner Ubiquity

23.11.16 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Aleksei Nikitin from St Petersbourg released his first tracks in 2008. Since then, he has become a reference for dub techno, techno and ambient, producing 5 albums and about 10 singles or eps. His last album “Ravine”  was for the German label Fauxpax Musik.

I have been following him for a while, I posted for the first time a track of himon 716 in june 2011 : “You Got Me”, an abstract dubstep track that reminds some Burial releases and that was already released for Fauxpax Music and featured on his Ruins Tape Lp.

Don’t miss this crazy video made for his track “Sirenas” co-produced with Lapti

More recently, he released the excellent EP “Zathdax” for the Russian label Roots United records and “Letit” for Royal Oak, the sublabel of Clone.

The bouncy Zathdax has some influences of the first Sis releases on Cecille records.

Third Waterbird is more properly some slow dub techno with the Nocow’s touch.

The EP on Royal Oak is some deep techno with the typical trance touch that has always been supported by the label from Netherlands.

Oh he did a live for Boiler Room too you can check here.

Time for the mix, imagine you’re snowboarding on an imaginary snowboard that can also fly and you’re wearing some special ski clothes that keep you warm. You’re just surfing through the forest, enjoying the dub/trancey/techno ride.

1 Four Tet – Crush (Photomachine Remix)
2 Flaty – Aliyans (feat. Lapti)
3 Fantazey – Fantazey
4 Antenna – Before I Fall Asleep
5 Nathan Melja – Gold Rings
6 Hmot – Xypniste
7 Hmot – Virus
8 Epoch 90 – There Can Only Be One
9 S Olbricht – 137x3brk
11 Deadboy – White Moon Garden
12 Occult Orientated Crime – Blue Austral
13 IRRA – Washingmachine
14 Unknown – Untitled

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