716 Playlists – ΚΕΜΑΛ (Berceuse Heroique) Playlist

16.08.14 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Here comes the 716 Playlist of the very interesting record label and mixes provider : Berceuse Heroique. I particularly love this mix by Lindsay Todd .

“These are my favourite tunes these days. Some of them are new and some of them are old”
ΚΕΜΑΛ (Berceuse Heroique)

716 Playlists - Berceuse Heroique Playlist

To listen to the 716 Playlist in continuous mode, that’s here :


1) Mark Forshaw – Where Did You Go ( III Rivers)


2) Mono Junk – Jupiter Acid [Skudge White]


3) Black Sites – Prototype


4) Philus – Kuvio 3


5) DTLS (Details) – Tribal Warriors Against Enemy [DTLS SND #2]


6) Your Silent Face – A Place Where Arms Bend Backwards (Fiedel’s Rework)


7) A: Pink Blunted (Credit 00 F**k Up)


8) Andreas Gehm – Fade To Spring


9) Moonraker- Oronimbus


10) Dresvn – Millions of Trees


11) Roedelius – Remember (Hieroglyphic Being Version)

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