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29.05.12 - Guillaume - 716lavie

It is a great pleasure to publish this exclusive playlist by Carlos Nilmmns, a talented house producer originally from Glasgow.
Carlos has released tracks on labels such as Ornaments, 4lux, Skylax and 7th Sign, using different aliases such as Ross McMillan and Solab (him and Graham Wilson).
His “Lune Eclaire” Album will be released very soon on Lifeworld label but you can already listen to the sampler. It’s a super strong release, deep and positive as the summer who finally decided to come.

1) Vince Watson – Mystical Rhythm
Vince will always be one of the UKs greatest electronic music producers. I was lucky enough to travel miles as a kid to learn as much as I could from him. A man way ahead of his time. If it wasnt for the effect his music and studio had on me I may have chosen a different path. I remember this song from that time and this has never left my record box.

2) Nick Drake – Riverman
A very inspiring artist and song for me. The strings make you forget everything else that is going on around you.

3) Drexciya – Under Sea Disturbances
I think Drexciya defines art in electronic music. No limits or generic sounds just pure heart and soul.

4) Underground Resistance – Jupiter Jazz

The track that changed my life.

5) Charles Webster – I Understand You
Sexy, summery house music. I love playing this track out proper house music done right.

6) Schatrax – Keep On Loving
I grew up in Glasgow listening to Josh brents album. with Aubrey, Schatrax is one of my fave producers.

7) Don Sebesky – Guru Vin – Verve Records

Classic smokey acid jazz from 1968. Took me ages to hunt a copy of Distant Galaxy nowadays you can pick this beauty up on discogs.

8) Deodato – Whistle Bump
Elegant, cool music.

9) Niko Marks – Real Funk Don’t Die
This is a perfect example of the mans talents. Highly original and packed with soul and elements of gospel and jazz. Truly a giifted artist. We are both currently working on music for various labels around the world at the moment.

10) Kenny Dixon Jr. – Don’t You Want My Love

Sexy house music from Kenny D, There is so many good tracks from his back cat. This classic is one of my faves. Those fender chords keeped you locked in the groove. The master of deep soulful music

Bonus) Pepe Bradock – Intriguing Feathered Creature
Pepe Bradocks highly original productions drew my attention when his first album came out. Over the years I’ve found his music addictive to collect. Pure art in the finest form. For me one of the best producers in the world.

Carlos Nilmmns in Paris with Tom Joyce and Kriss Kortz

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