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05.07.13 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Aujourd’hui j’accueille un producteur japonais de dub-techno raffinée Mystica Tribe que j’ai découvert grâce au superbe mix de TLR pour Resident Advisor.
Today I welcome a Japanese producer of sophisticated dub-techno Mystica Tribe that I have discovered thanks to the superb mix of TLR for Resident Advisor.

Ses sorties ont jusqu’ici été exclusivement sur le label Syncom Data records.
His releases have been essentially on the label Syncom Data.

“I’m Taka from Tokyo.
Although I create dub techno mainly as Mystica Tribe,
I’ve been influenced by various kinds of music,
especially I love the music with deep and psychedelic feeling.
This playlist is just a mere part of them.
I hope you’ll like the music I love.
Taka aka Mystica Tribe

1) Bo Diddley – Pretty Thing
2) Them – Mystic Eyes
3) The Doors – Light My Fire
4) Miles Davis – Sivad
5) McCoy Tyner – Fly With the Wind
6) MFSB – K-Jee
7) Instant Funk – Philly Jump
8) Grace Jones – Private Life
9) Man Friday – Love Honey, Love Heartache
10) Goody Goody – It Looks Like Love

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