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Let’s put it straight, Le Gastronome Parisien (The Paris Gourmet) is, beyond his editorial qualities, the best edited blog, ex-aequo with the new 716 website of course:). It’s clean, ergonomic and well presented
Alexandre has his own taste and drawns an interesting map of food places between Paris and Asi (including Hong Kong & Taïwan). We wanted to give him some force as the French rappers say, even if he does not need it so much.

1) Mandoobar
7 Rue d’Edimbourg – Paris 8ème
Tél. : 01 55 06 08 53

Recently opened, the Mandoobar is my last favorite place in Paris. The Korean Chef Kim Kwang-Loc proposes some delicious products beautifully sublimed by une partition simple et sincère mettant à l’honneur des produits bruts magnifiquement sublimés by impeccable seasonings. His Mandoo cooked in front of his clients are incredible and you cant take just one. Last but not least, the prices are extremely attractive.


2) Bistro des Gastronomes
10 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine  – Paris 5ème
Tél. : 01 43 54 62 40

Le Bistro des Gourmets held masterfully by Chef Cédric Lefèvre, is one of my refuges restaurants I never get tired of going. A nice deco, high quality products, generous dishes, traditional cuisine and tasty, all with an entry ticket € 28, hard to beat in the district.


3) Clandestino
8 Rue Crozatier – Paris 12ème
Tél. : 09 80 68 08 08

Clandestino is the first “restaurant squat” in the capital. His Japanese chef Masayuki Shibuya prepares inventive and light cuisine blending French inspirations, japanese and even Argentinian ones. I always find a free table, the service is friendly and sweet prices.


4) Impérial Choisy
32 Avenue de Choisy – Paris 13ème
Tél. : 01 45 86 42 40

The Imperial Choisy Cantonese is my favourite canteen in Paris. The address is well known and is constantly full. I’m there at least once a week to eat or take away. Always the same command: Cantonese Roasted Duck, Chicken Steam ginger chives, crab moulting and shrimp dumpling soup. One of the few restaurants in Paris where I find a bit of Hong Kong cuisine.


5) Le Bizan
56 Rue Sainte-Anne  – Paris 2ème
Tél. : 01 42 96 67 76

Taken over by the young master sushi Masayoshi Hanada, the Bizan offers authentic Japanese cuisine. The tasting dinner menu is a delight but a little expensive. Some specialties of raw fish for lunch at the counter are the best way to discover this delicious restaurant.


6) Kokoro
36 rue des Boulangers – Paris 5ème
Tél. : 01 44 07 13 29

Opened recently Street Bakers, Kokoro, headed by two young Chiefs landed kitchens L’Arpege, offers an inspired and generous cuisine. Unique formula to 29 € lunch tasting menu € 48 evening, with products and achievements in the game clearly worth the effort. Sweet tooth will enjoy the restaurant turns into a tea room in the afternoon leaving room for pastry creations home.


7) Caffé Dei Cioppi
159 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine – Paris 12ème
Tél. : 01 43 46 10 14

Opened recently Rue des Boulangers, Kokoro, headed by two young Chiefs coming from the famous restaurant L’Arpege, offers an inspired and generous cuisine. Unique formula at 29 € for lunch, tasting menu at 48 € in the evening. Sweet tooth will enjoy the fact the restaurant turns into a tea room in the afternoon leaving room for pastry creations home.


8) Miss Lunch
3 rue Antoine Vollon – Paris 12ème
Tél. : 01 53 33 03 59

Miss Lunch is first an adorable and unique personality. In a tiny restaurant, she prepares daily original recipes combining products unearthed in Aligre Market and those brought from his many travels. Special mention for those desserts that are always falling backwards!


9) La Gazzetta
29 Rue de Cotte – Paris 12ème
Tél. : 01 43 47 47 05

Located in the 12th arrondissement close to the Aligre Market, Gazzetta has an unanimous for several years. Pleasant, creative gourmet cuisine and reasonable prices, all combine to make the Gazzetta a must address the district. The Swedish Chef Petter Nilson just left his place to the Italian Chef Luigi Nastri but the dishes are still on top.


10) Chinatown Olympiades
44 Avenue d’Ivry – Paris 13ème
Tél. : 01 45 84 72 21

Chinatown Olympiades, it is the lighthouse of the Cantonese community in Paris. People celebrate weddings and birthdays seaten around large tables. I mainly eat some dim sum when the urge arises. They are quite convenient and offered at reasonable prices. Also ideal when you want to organize a group meal!

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