Gostilna Kunstelj – Radovljica (Slovenia)

07.04.15 - Guillaume - 716lavie
Gostilna Kunstelj
Gorenjska cesta 9
4240 Radovljica
+386 4 531 51 78
- Le résumé -

It’s the oldest bed and breakfast in the city, and it’s also a restaurant. The son-in-law also runs an eco-friendly convenience store called 1889, which is two steps away; now that’s family:)



- Lieu -

The bedrooms are outside, like little bungalows side by side, it’s 45-55 for a single room, and 55-77  for the double. It’s worth it, because even if the design is simple, the rooms are quiet and they have a magnificent view.




The breakfast is quite good.



- L'équipe -

It’s a nice family staff.


- Le repas -

The meal that was part of the festival was nice, but some dishes could have used some tweaks in my opinion. I ate with the father who told me to criticize freely, and he often agreed with what I had to say. At the end, he went to go get two pieces of bread with some charcuterie and cheese. I’m telling you this story, not to criticize the food, but to show how good the family vibe was.

The wine of the area is civicek.




- Le bilan -

I’d recommend the hotel to anyone.

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