Nebotičnik – Ljubljana (Slovenia) en

20.05.14 - Guillaume - 716lavie
Štefanova 1
Open 9am-2am Sunday-Wednesday, 9am-3am Thursday-Saturday
- Le résumé -

At the time, in 1933, it was the highest sky-scraper (“Nebotičnik”)  in the world, being 70.35 meters high, it is today the shortest.
There is a restaurant, a bar, a coffee shop, I’d recommend the coffee shop during the day for the magnificent view. I didn’t try the cocktails at night, if they aren’t too expensive, it’s probably worth it as well.

- Le repas -

I didn’t take any pictures, but the meal was cheap and good, the server was also very nice. I was surprised that it wasn’t more “bling bling” for such a place. It’s better for it in my opinion.
Careful, once again, I’m not recommending the restaurant, reviews/opinions on it are bad overall.

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