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18.05.14 - Guillaume - 716lavie
The Occupation Museum
Raiņa bulvāris 7
Open 11am-5pm October-April, 11am-6pm May-September, closed Monday
- Le résumé -

A fascinating museum that shouldn’t be missed out on: it is entirely dedicated to the Nazi and Soviet occupations.
Latvia  suffered an ordeal like no other: first occupied by the Soviets, at their departure they see the Nazis arrive like liberators to quickly realize that it wasn’t so, and then the Soviets came back in Latvia at the end of the war.

- Lieu -

The museum
It’s privately owned and financed by Latvian expats, specifically in the U.S. At first, this worried me a little bit, I didn’t want to be manipulated. By the end, I thought it was a fascinating exhibit, even if very small: it used to be in an old Soviet propaganda building in the old Riga, but the space wasn’t working. Now it resides in the old U.S embassy until construction is over, just beside the French embassy and the liberty monument. Be careful, a lot of guides still point to the old location.

So, I only saw a third of the collection. The museum will be reopening its doors but we’re still not sure when, because as the guide explained construction can be very slow. 2015 seems like an optimistic date.

However, I highly recommend that you go visit the actual museum: the information is important and major to understand Latvia’s complicated history and therefore its present as well, things that you might not see at first glance as a tourist.
I recommend that you talk with Karlis, the guide, very educated and very good, fascinated by the subject, he’s been there for the last 6 years. The museum is free.


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