716 Exclusive Mix – AM Discs : 716 Mix

14.06.11 - Guillaume - 716lavie

AM Discs is one of the most interesting labels I had found so far and I have been really supporting their work on 716.
The exclusive mix by Rado, Jakob, Stepan corresponds exactly to what I’m looking for : I must know 3 artists maximum in the tracklisting.
So expect a stunning musical discovery and let yourself go with these new sounds from the underground.

01 William Onyeabor – ‘When The Going Is Smooth & Good’
02 Soft Cell – ‘Bedsitter’
03 Fucked Up – ‘Anorak City’
04 R. Stevie Moore – ‘Sperm Concern’
05 Nicole Kidman – ‘Thirst For God’
06 †Kiwi†Sisters† – ‘Neon Green Neon Purple Neon Blue’
07 Cosmetics – ‘Sleepwalking’
08 Bauhaus – ‘Who Killed Mr.Moonlight’
09 Contrepoison – ‘Heartbeat’
10 Ten In The Swear Jar – ‘Sita Deth’
11 Sarafado – ‘Assim Assim’
12 Mychael Danna – ‘The Winner Is’
13 HAPPY TRENDY – ‘Nerves’
14 The Van Pelt – ‘Yamato (Where People Really Die)’
15 The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! – ‘[ride friendship.]’
16 YUNG LIFE – ‘Like Me’
17 Gutter Parties – ‘Glow Slowli’
18 Gosts – ‘angel’
19 Envy – ‘Go Mad And Mark’
20 Led Er Est – ‘Lonesome XOXO’
21 take your love – ‘patrícia toda naifada’
22 [PHYSICS] – ‘Ice 7’
23 Raw Moans – ‘Lightning Strikes’
24 Smog – ‘My Shell’ [Electric Version]

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