716 Exclusive Mix – Zorz : People I

03.07.17 - Guillaume - 716lavie

I still havent finished with the Greek underground electronic music scene and probably will never do : the sincerity of those actors regarding their love for subgenres of electronic music, the total absence of glam or show off attitude, the discretion of passion I could call it, everything appeals to me. Zorz perfectly represents this vibe. Today techno is fashion again and guess what? Not so many djs can raise the level high enough so you can still be amazed after having listened to literally millions of hours of techno mixes in the 90’s. Zorz can. First of all the selection is somewhere between deep techno and some hypnotic grooves, but you wont hear any trancey sounds although the trance definitely got you. It’s real techno but never tiring nor agressive, Zorz version of what a techno trip could be is worth a listen:)

“We live in one of the dark periods of human history where most people in this world are suffering. Wars, diseases, poverty, racism, psychological crisis, are everywhere. Considering all these, this mix came out. It is techno and this is my way to express it. It is not going to change the world neither to resolve any of these problems mentioned before, but it might touch few people’s consciousness in the way it did to me. In order to go further we need to clear our mind and keep in touch with ourselves. Dance and music is just a way to help us do it. People I, which is the title of this mix, is the first attempt to bring to surface concerns about Us as human beings. I want to thank the artists that created all these tracks and all the people who create music, 716 for uploading the podcast and for his patience. Without them I would not have the chance to do this podcast.

I hope you enjoy and dance to it.

Love and Respect”


Photos by Alex Mavros

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