716 Exclusive Mix – Anopolis : In Higher Areas

18.07.16 - Guillaume - 716lavie

I’ve been following the Greek electronic music scene for a while, starting with a playlist by Jazzconbuzz in february 2013, followed by one of Miltiades in october of the same year. Since then, I have seen the whole scene growing and Thessaloniki definitely becoming one of the most interesting European cities on the map when it comes to electro. Of course there is the super prolific Phormix music platform that delivers fresh and raw podcasts. Among the series, I have discovered Anopolis through their podcast 43. Anopolis is a trio of djs : Oldman Talkin’, Dim Dj and Drum Machine.

“Anopolis is an area in Thessaloniki, really close to the city centre, that seems like a village because of the old houses. A lot of immigrants used to live in this area which is built on the hill at the northern side of the city. The area is enclosed by the ancient byzantine walls that were built in the 4th and 5th century A.D.” Oldman Talkin’

Back to the music, I proposed Anopolis trio to do a 716 Mix and they accepted. Very happy about this one. The mix ends with 2 tracks of Andreas Gehm (“In my dreams” & “I don’t dare”) who left us too soon.

Here is it, it comes in 3 parts :

00:00 – 33:22 1st part by Oldman Talkin’
33:22 – 60:55 2nd part by Dim Dj
60:55 – 94:53 3rd part by Drum Machine

“It is difficult to gather the full tracklist from everyone. If someone or you want to know for a track id we are willing to answer it of course.” Oldman Talkin’

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