716 Exclusive Mix – Dmitry Distant : Joyless Sect

26.05.16 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Since 2011, the Russian producer, now Latvian resident, Dmitry Distant has recorded a very various series of musical styles for a bunch of labels : the French hardcore Minimum Syndicat, the Swedish post avant garde pop Beläten, the English italo-ish Cyber Dance from our friends from Magic Waves, Killerrr, the old school techno Dancefloor Killers, Bass Agenda Recordings.
And expect some future ones on : the German Snuff Trax crew at  In The Dark Again, Vielspaß run by our friend Françoijack, the Dutch Electronic Emergencies, Crimes Of The Future run by Timothy Fairplay & Scott Fraser, and last but not least, the classy and over pertinent Bordello A Parigi.

His music can be pretty versatile :

His 716 Mix « Joyless Sect » is pretty disco/acid/electro/techno.

Bodem – Hassle
Privacy – New Wake Trace2
Voiron – Parc Expo Hall 1
Cancerdog vs Star kid – untitled
Rutherford – Learn Leave
Drexciya – Lardossen Funk
The Exaltics – Compressed Toughts (Ultradyne Remix)
Univac – Untitled
Umwelt – Evolution Stellaire
Djedjotronic – Kaiko
Answer Code Request – Calm Down
Morphology – Plankton
Radioactive Man – Addict
Andrea Parker – Invasion

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