716 Exclusive Mix – Chaosmos : Traveler

06.02.19 - Guillaume - 716lavie

I discovered Chaosmos from Portugal whilst surfing on soundcloud. I was immediately caught by his ravey touch, a delicate mix of good old school techno songs, funky breakbeats and trippy modern tracks. I proposed him to do a mix for 716. Chaosmos has left Portugal and now lives in Berlin. We were trying to get the best mix possible. First of all he sent me a 3hrs live set that was like a journey, but I wanted something more compact. He did something cool, but I thought it was missing his energetic groove. Then he did a bouncy mix, but that was a little bit too ravey. Eventually here it comes : the perfect mix from Bruno aka Chaosmos : melodic, dark, dancing, hypnotic, bass straight in ya face, everything is in there! Enjoy.

Here is the text he sent me about this “Traveler” mix :

“A traveler… Born in Acida Nigeria from parents who lived and travelled 4 continents, I was raised in Lisbon where the Luso-African rhythms beat strong. In music as in life, I assume that nomad side in a cartography of sounds hard to categorize that span from the most cosmic of disco, ancestral proto percussions and afrobeat, new beat and Chicago house and Detroit electro techno. Moving to Berlin a few years ago I embraced more abrasive territories and my selection nowadays can include techno, ebm, experimental and industrial, breakbeat and rave. Infamously (un)known for my work as a young graffiti writer, I transgress that energetic obsession into the music.”

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