716 Exclusive Mix – Layup : The Right To Die

18.06.16 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Layup from Prague runs with Raphael Kosmos the record label, blog and and promotional crew Endless Illusion. They have their radio show on Intergalactic FM. They have recently reissued tracks from the Omnibus Band that was founded by Jarda Zajpt and Petr Dikan in 1979 in Czechoslovakia.

There is also an acid EP from Dircsen who had released the 716 Mix “Come Feel the House” in may 2014.

Layup also produces his own music and has recorded in 2015 a full album called Black Gap on Body Control Records. Layup has been very much influenced by the free party scene that was huge in Czech republic, it all started with a tape from the NSK soundsystem a friend of his family brought home. Started a period of intense enjoyment of parties, from organizing their own sessions in apartments or doing a party for 10 persons in a military area, to running 300 kms to find the best party. He got bored after a couple of years and took a break from music during 7 years. He got hooked up again while visiting his sister in London, and then that is a too long story to tell and I recommend you this interview where he explains everything 🙂

This 716 Mix is fresh like hell. I love it because it starts super hypnotic and slow, and later on the groove starts with some very cool electro tracks, and it goes on and on, keeping it deep and groovy with some unheard tunes (some brand new releases there).

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