716 Exclusive Mix – Tropical Echobird : Color of Melancholy

05.04.17 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Tropical Echobird is one more alias of a reknowned Kiev-based artist who wants to stay discrete as a person. As Tropical Echobird, he only released the “Kiev Rising” Ep on the US label Roundabout sounds, but there are many more tracks this and there.

The title “Kiev Rising” resumes the fast rising local scene (have a look at the rave parties Сxema or the club”Closer” for example).  Imagine : you just danced all night along at a rave in Kiev, you follow a group of cool Ukrainian who take you to an after party in a warehouse where the tropical after hours music that hits you right to your spinal tap contredicts any preconceived ideas you had above Cold Ukraine. It’s called Tropical Echobird and it’s right now on 716lavie.com. Tropical Echobird has a particular affection for a deep house that borrows equally to trance and dub, this project reflects his experiments around deep and afterhours music.

His mix for 716lavie has the same musical colour : it sounds like a trancey odyssey that travels to the Ukrainian forest and landscapes, and finally lands on the coast, near Odessa, for a chill out party on the beach, just around the fire camp 🙂

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