716 Exclusive Mix – Mesak : Live at Distillery Leipzig 2018

11.11.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

How come that I had never heard about Mesak before? That is probably the question you’ll ask to yourself if you discovered him recently or even with this post. I was checking news on clone and I got stuck with this EP released this summer 2018. The first synths are so ravey (Polygon Windows style) and the melody, typically English electro 93’s perfect for after E’s spleen. There is an amazing remix of the one and only Dj Overdose. “Kiskoa” that ends the record is a uptempo track with bouncey kicks and deep atmosphere, both tormented and delirious.

I investigated about Mesak aka Tatu Metsätähti him and found out he was a key figure of the electronic music scene in Finland. He also used the alias Mr Velcro Fastener for his duo with another Tatu, Tatu Peltonen (check this great interview for Electric Kingdom).

As Mesak, he has been a key contributor with 7 EP’s to the Dutch label Klaxon ran by Dexter & Steffi. For memory, Klakson rally changed the game in the early 2000’s when minimal was becoming so boring and electroclash kind of vulgar, the label is still running nowadays.

After 16 prolific years producing music as Mesak, it seems that the planets are now perfectly aligned for Tatu Metsätähti and it’s time for his excellent mysterious and soulful electro to reach a bigger audience without changing anything to it. He reminds me two other producers who have also done a 716 Mix, VC118A and 214. He gave me a live recorded at the Distillery club in Leipzig, absolutely perfect. Enjoy.

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