716 Exclusive Mix – DVS NME : La Science Obscure de l’Electro

17.06.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

I have followed DVS NME‘s podcast for some years now. This Electro music producer and dj based in Colorado has delivered a weekly podcast on Intergalactic FM called “Dark Science Electro” since 2010. Dark Science Electrois also the name of the blog he daily feeds. 2018 was the right time for a 716 Mix that is actually like a 716 Playlist of the coolest and freshest electro tracks released lately. Thanks to him for contributing to 716lavie, adding some more quality electro to the previous 716 podcasts of this musical genre.

Vessel In Distress – Optical Libration
Solvent – Think Like Us
Gedankenexperiment – Conclusion
S>>D – Habu
Scape One – Sigma Delta
Mandroid – Unknown Title
Erase – The Counter
AS1 – Mood Sequence 009
CPU – BX-3
MetaComplex – Midnight Neutrino Flow
Morah – One Conversation With A Funny Demon
Teuton Tapes – 123
Datenträger – Zelletruktur
DVS NME – Magnetar (Digitizer remix)
Jazzes The Shining & Alek Stark – Can You See It?

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