716 Exclusive Mix – Mike Nylons : Noname Doomers

10.09.20 - Guillaume - 716lavie

I have discovered Janos Borsos aka Mike Nylons because I have received some news from his record label Farbwechsel about his last project : Eneme I. I liked it and wanted to offer him to do a podcast.

He is mainly a visual artist working with his wife since 2008, their common project is called Borsos Lőrinc.

But he’s also been super active in the audio field, focusing on doing electronic music without compromise, something between abstract experimental and disturbing techno. Check his bandcamp, his discogs and his soundcloud.

I’m letting him introduce himself :

“My name is János Borsos, I am an artist very much into collaborative exercises. I’m co-founder of the group The Corporation with four other Hungarian artists who make conceptual / thematic events / parties, with the so called gesamtkunstwerk approach since 2000 (https://insecurity-state.tumblr.com/manifest). 

I’m also co-founder of the artistic duo / hybrid entity called Lőrinc Borsos with Lilla Lőrinc artist, working mostly on the fields of visual art since 2008. We have been dealing with social and political anomalies and identity politics via individual mithology (www.borsoslorinc.com). We started to make dj performances in the last few years to expand our artistic aim through audio-visual rituals and the thematic techno events we usually organise in the building where we have our studio (aqb.hu). 

Mike Nylons is my pseudonym I use for making music for almost twenty years now, that’s when I started to work with noise and sound as a self-taught person. I’m into experimenting with the potential of raw energy in noise and techno music to express social frustration and pessimism in an abstract and emotional way, trying to find a genre free and universal language to it.

I see my/our performances as therapy sessions for daily survival where I/we and the audience get connected to be able to deal with the repression that politics and society put on us through the collective ritual of dancing and headbanging. “

Here is a videoclip he did for one of his experimental tracks.

Honestly I have been super happy when I’ve discovered afterwards the density of his work. I had a good intuition when I clicked on his album and some other releases I listened to, but didn’t realize there was so much content, musical & visual, political and conceptual related to it

Basshunter: Now You’re gone
Stone Lizard: Coming 01
Brxliwlf: Belboind Long
Giovanni Battista: Going Wrong
Onan the Barbarian: CDT – Timetrap remix
G.T.F.O.O.H.: Here
3 Days On Speed: Resident Evil – Shitstorm remake
Oliver Oliver: I Demand My Doom
Gabrielle Parzone: After The Flesh 1
G.T.F.O.O.H.: Out of
032457899_11112222_011010_h11: Seol Materna
Paradise Loss: Into The Void
Almost ACAB: Little Bang
Blaek: Dunkel Volken Kommen
Basshunter: Now You’re gone
Eneme: What About The Shadowy Place
G.T.F.O.O.H.: The Fuck
Brxliwlf: Belboind Long
Mario Z.: NY Style
Xtrat1: Zip
Dream Madonna – Battlefield
Basshunter: Now You’re gone
Shame 54: Waves

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