716 Exclusive Mix – JTC : 10-10-10

06.02.11 - Guillaume

I like Tadd Mullinix’s work whatever it’s techno under the name of JTC or abstract hip hop (or whatever you wanna call it) under the name of Dabrye.
I discovered his work when I got smashed by two different records without knowing they were done by the same man :

– a Dabrye Ep « One/Three » on Ghostly I bought in Los Angeles 10 years ago (2001), I think it was at Amoeba

– one year later a James T Cotton track : « I Seek » on the State of The Union Ep on Spectral (2002)

I like djs who experienced old school techno parties and know what is a house/techno night. This is something you immediately feel in a mix : the way they play with the ups and downs, muscle the game with techno, slow it down with house, get suddenly freaky or spacey before cooling down everything with a deep & soul vibe.
Two other mixes on 716 Music gave me the same impression : « En Handfull Mörker » by Erik XVI and « Live at La Cheetah, Glasgow » by Mick Wills.
This is techno !
(when techno was the musical genre that embraced everything : techno, house and breakbeat)

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